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Monday 11 July 2022

Community Outreach!

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**Dimensions Of The Business Environment** Work with JoY-PSE -- Not looking to profit from any venture; not financially! Helping you to make your ideas a reality. Even if you work full-time, you can find a few minutes that becomes productive over time, helping you use your ideas to CREATE A Business Plan. Increase your Independence, Flexibility, Stability and Everyday wellness by Doing What You Love! **Do What You Love and You Never Work A Day In Your Life.. **Build using ethical guidelines for long term Progress..

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Google For Services On The World Wide Web!

Did You know, Google caters to the Public.. providing endless resources at No cost..?
Yet still, Google continue to be one of the richest and most Powerful companies in the World? In the 21st. century Google continues to add services to their Portfolio, that can be accessed and utilized by most anyone. If you have limited resources they come to your aide! Services are available to use at your own discretion, in your own time; based on your individual needs!
Google is only an international conglomerate, but with all the services they provide for "Free" or at a reduced cost, they could be in Government!
Many things your government fails to do... or choose to decide for you, without allowing you the privelege to decide, or have no funding for; are available to you as a Google customer! As citizens.. one often wonders why No One Appears To Be Listening? I guess they all have more important things on their minds!
Featuring: Free App. From Google "Tubi" - Bet you didn't know you don't need cable Anymore! Now Movies, T.V. shows, Documentaries, the list is endless -- Google Offers Many "Free Services" On the World Wide Web... Yet they're constantly under Attack by those who want to STOP or impeed their Services...all about money & who has More!
Support Google: "A Moscow court has ordered the seizure of 500 million roubles ($7 million) worth of Google's property and funds in Russia." The West is currently engaging in Sanctions against Russians & Google followed by; removing access to Gazprom Media Holding’s GPM Entertainment Television, YouTube account! -- Many other sources of Russian Media entities have been blocked on YouTube!
Google is Very Powerful -- They built their Company By giving away stuff to People in Need! You have a Need;; more than likely you'll Find that Google can Help!
Seriously all the focus on Money in a Materialistic existance, but what people remembers most are your actions; not how much money you had/have!

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Celebrating Healthy Living On: "World Sleep Day!"

WORLD SLEEP DAY -- March 18th., 2022
Image for "World Sleep Dat" Courtest:
SLEEP is a very complex topic -- Extremely essential to understand the Powers of Sleep for a healthy productive lifestyle! If you ever get the opportunity -- Study the benefits of sleep, learn simple tips that are rewarding for your best nights' sleep Learn the different types of sleep and their benefits! One of the Best Natural Medicine you could ever give, or reward yourself with is "SLEEP."

Sunday 24 January 2021

Private Tutoring -- Have You Ever Dreamed Of Achieving Academic Success?

Private Tutoring

For adults of any age, one is never to old to learn....occupy the mind and feed the soul..!

You now have more time and opportunity to learn new things, by setting new goals..

Most people dream of career changes, that will lead to a better job a new promotion, but are worried about failure.  It is better to dedicate the time necessary to succeed during your studies, so that when you land that job; you know how to do the work.  People who get the certificate, but did not truly understand any of the material studied, but depended on favors, or a best buddy system; and so forth; eventually find out that in the world of employment you don't have a best buddy system.  What you have is your own achievement and when you fail to  tow the line, you will be terminated; employers have a number of ways to force you out...

So do it right the first time, study and study well with help from a "Private Tutor," until you are capable of completing your studies on your own...

I will make time to help you, if you really want to challenge yourself and learn new things...this can be through: phone, email, video or in person learning.. set your goals and get started... Use the contact form to start your journey..

Wednesday 20 January 2021

The 45 th., President: Donald J. Trump Deliver Remarks To Americans From Andrews Air Force Base!

The 45th., President warmed hearts, provided hope, rattled cages, and shook open the minds of many!

It's the Year In History 2021, on January 20th., when one man gained the love of nations of people in his home country America, and billions more around the globe! President Trump said, "It's been a wonderful 4 years." 

This morning the atmosphere is surreal, yesterday was similar; almost like the calm before a storm, or the calm experienced after a storm.  Bitter, sweet for many Americans and those of us around the world, that watched him at work. This experience was indeed bitter-sweet, because nations watched as his term in office which began tumultuously; came to a close in much the same way.  There were always much in the media to keep the public on edge for the entire 4 years. Many rushed in support of this U.S. President, and so he was able to increasingly get more people involved in politics; than any known political figure to date..

This business man ran the U.S. White House like a business and was able to accomplish all of his promises in one single term in office. President Trump remained results oriented in support of actions not complaints..

It has been an amazing journey!

 President Trump "Thanks" for the: Triumphs, Laughter, Tears, and the Memories..

Que Sera Sera” -- Whatever Will Be Will Be - Blessings & Best Wishes!

You more than anyone else deserve a much needed rest from all this political rhetoric -- It has been well earned; Forever the man that stood up for regular hearts and nourished minds -- Eternally Grateful.. So Long Sir!

Thursday 14 January 2021

President Donald J. Trump (45th President to Serve); The Law & Order President Beseeching Americans To Be Tolerant!

On Jan. 13, 2021, President Trump issued a call to all Americans to maintain "Peace" and not perpetrate violence against their fellow men.  These are trying times in the U.S.A., but this President has always emphasized supporting "Law and Order;" our service men and women must always be respected!